Success Stories

Wil Fleeson ART

It’s been years since Wil Fleeson celebrated passing his final client consultation test to complete his Level 4 Certificate course with TrichoCare Education.

Today, the salon owner and director at the celebrated and award-winning Rainbow Room International in Glasgow, is also a well-established and successful trichologist and founder of Trichology Scotland and the innovative Root Cause Clinical.

Why did Wil choose to focus on trichology?

“I’d been successful in the industry for many years as a stylist, demonstrator and educator. But I noticed that more and more clients were asking me about hair loss and thinning hair. And I didn’t have many answers for them. I needed to find out more!”

And why TrichoCare Education?

“Just when I was looking for somewhere to learn about hair and scalp problems, TrichoCare were doing a roadshow to showcase their Level 4 qualification. I attended one of these sessions, then met Brian Plunkett and Keith Barker-Jones for a coffee the morning after to discuss the details, and that was me sold.”

What was studying the Course like?

“I admit that at first it was intimidating – all that information to absorb, and going back to studying again. But once I’d organised my own personal study schedule, I started to get into it and really enjoy it. And there was enormous satisfaction in completing the Course successfully”

Consultant Trichologists of Trichology Scotland, William Fleeson and Margaret Simpson

What are you doing now?

I’m still at Rainbow Room, but I’m also running Trichology Scotland with my colleague Margaret Simpson. The demand for appointments at our clinics is almost overwhelming. There’s such a need for the expertise and advice that trichologists can offer. I have to say it’s both exciting and stimulating. And, of course, you never stop learning.”

And what of the future?

“I want to expand the physical clinics in 2022 to more locations, as they’re desperately needed. I also have some really exciting digital plans that involve collaborating with other healthcare professionals. That will go online in a few months. I’m also still loving working with my salon teams, developing their knowledge and future careers. And finally, I’ll be balancing all this with quality time spent with my wonderful family!” 

Visit to learn more about Wil’s trichology practice.