Trichology events, courses and qualifications for hair professionals

COVID-19 Resources

All you need to know to work safely and provide great client care during COVID-19 restrictions. Our resources provide a comprehensive range of advice and solutions for everyone in hairdressing, barbering or beauty teams.

Courses in Trichology

Looking to extend your career as a hair professional?

Turn your existing knowledge into a new career as an accredited Trichologist in practice – a hair and scalp professional.

TrichoCare Education is the only provider of events and formal qualifications in Trichology for hair professionals. We help build value and skills in the profession through flexible and supported learning programmes delivered by our team of experienced professionals.

Success Stories

Be inspired by the reflections of our most recent student success stories. Our students come from backgrounds range from hair to healthcare professionals.

TrichoCare Education offers hair professionals the opportunity to increase the value of their services and gain an internationally recognised qualification in Trichology.

The Team

Students of TrichoCare are supported by a faculty of professionally experienced tutors who provide encouragement, advice and guidance throughout the period of study.