Success Stories

Case Study: Rita Laurella

Recently successful student: Rita Laurella

Rita Laurella has taken an unusually circular path on her journey to becoming a trichologist.

Rita is a freelance stylist, and colour and hair loss consultant based in West Sussex. Rita is also part of the mynewhair charity network providing advice and support for those who suffer medical hair loss.

Rita did her apprenticeship with a trained hairdresser and trichologist, and that’s how she first became intrigued by the science behind hair and scalp disorders: “I was completely in awe of my first boss! He was very old school but I was fascinated by what he could tell me about the problems his clients presented. I thought to myself then ‘I’d love to do that one day!’”

After gaining her City & Guilds, training with several organisations with a special focus on organic colour systems, and working in the UK and in Italy, Rita left the profession and worked in the travel industry. But her heart was always in hairdressing, and when she returned to England, she returned to her original profession as well: “Again I became aware of the many untreated hair and scalp problems people were suffering, and that inspired me to find out how to help them.“

It was when she herself became ill a few years ago, that Rita decided to seize the moment and actually follow her original aspiration of studying trichology: “I became very health conscious and wanted to learn more about the science behind the hair products I was using.”

She researched various courses and course providers, but it was talking to Susan Ringsell at TrichoCare that convinced her to sign up for the Level 4 Certificate course: “I was very nervous about going back to studying, but Susan was very patient and talked me through the whole process. She reassured me that I’d be supported by the TrichoCare course tutors all the way – and she was right!”

Rita certainly found the course a challenge but took to it wholeheartedly: “It was hard and fascinating at the same time. I became like a dog with bone, I couldn’t stop researching, reading, watching videos, it almost took over my life!” she says. She has particular praise for the support she had from the TrichoCare Education team: “Especially Course Director, Keith Barker-Jones, who was always there to listen and tutor Malinda Bruce, who guided me along the journey.”

Rita’s final challenge on the course was the last practical consultation with TrichoCare founder Brian Plunkett and Malinda: “I very nearly cancelled I was so scared, even though I was confident I knew exactly what to do. I expected it to be like being before a firing squad. But it wasn’t like that at all. They were very kind and thoughtful, and very complimentary about how I’d done.”

So Rita’s trichology journey has now gone full circle, and she’s determined to put her hard work to good use: “Now I’m going to build a trichology consultancy to add to my hairdressing and hair loss business, so I can advise those many people suffering from hair and scalp conditions who are looking for help and reassurance.”