About TrichoCare Education

Study with the most experienced and successful provider of trichology education.

By studying TrichoCare Education Courses in trichology you’ll find out that many common hair and scalp problems can be treated simply, through accurate diagnosis and without complicated courses of treatment.

“Right now we’re all concerned about our health and wellbeing. So there’s never been a better time for hair and other caring professionals to add to their knowledge and skills, and get a trichology qualification. Hair loss isn’t just a cosmetic condition, it’s a genuine physiological and psychological one too. If you can offer advice, treatment and comfort to clients who suffer from hair and scalp disorders, you’re making a huge difference to the lives of individuals and the health of communities”.

Brian Plunkett ART

Founder of TrichoCare Education

TrichoCare Education was founded by Brian Plunkett ART MIT, who ran salons in Hertfordshire before qualifying as a Consultant Trichologist. Brian Plunkett is a former Vice President of the Institute of Trichologists, and now practises at clinics in Bedfordshire and London.


Our approach at TrichoCare Education stems from the knowledge of clinical practice in trichology. We firmly believe that most common hair and scalp disorders can be treated by trichologists through accurate diagnosis and without the need for complicated courses of treatment.

We are passionate about teaching and improving skills. When trichologists learn to understand more about hair and scalp problems, they can give a more informed, helpful and valuable service to their clients.

As a the largest provider of regulated qualifications in trichology, TrichoCare Education is bound by regulators to maintain the highest standards in its training.

For a copy of the Code of Conduct, please contact us.

TrichoCare Education is based in Milton Keynes and has well-established training links with Further Education colleges worldwide.