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Takeaways from the Trichology Conference 2020

The Trichology Conference #tricho2020 sponsored by the ART (Association of Registered Trichologists), is a series of webinars on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd June.

“The conference was really informative, fun and inspirational.”

This year, the Trichology Conference, made history with it’s first series of online webinars.

This year, presentations are given by world-class speakers: Dr Jeff Donovan, Jacky van Driel-Nguene and Wil Fleeson.

“Dr. Donovan’s talk was fabulous and informative.”

As well as recently qualified TrichoCare Education students: Angie Stoker, Kathryn Nash and Pam Carter. Followed by Brian Plunkett, Head of Education.

“Inspirational talks from past students with a real insight into setting up in practice.”

All of whom are giving generously with their time and expertise to raise and uphold standards in the trichology profession.

Trichology Takeaways: Dr. J. Donovan, Jacky van Driel and Wil Fleeson

Lots of people can help people suffering hair loss. There is room for more than just doctors – who don’t know it all

You will never please everyone; don’t take it personally

Understand who your extended family are – your support network of professionals

Be honest and open with yourself and your clients – if something is not working tell them, even if they think it is.

You have an ethical obligation to treat people in the way you would like to be treated yourself

No need to buy expensive kit, but everyone likes to set up their practice differently, some people love gadgets. Let them.

Don’t expect to get it right every time

If you are respectful to others, they will respond well to you, but it may not happen overnight

Your attitude can help change peoples’ lives.

Keep an open mind on treatments. Tolerate it, share it, but if it doesn’t work, stop doing it and certainly don’t try to ‘sell’ it.  

From coast to coast: Netherlands, Barbados, Canada, Scotland and the Far East – the love for trichology was shared at the annual Trichology Conference #tricho2020

“Congratulations on a very successful conference. Really informative.”

Trichology takeaways: Angie Stoker, Kathryn Nash and Pam Carter

It is fine to be nervous when you start, it is perfectly natural

Set up your business in the way you feel comfortable

Mistakes are common, don’t follow everyone else

Be honest

Client come to you for your knowledge because it’s far more valuable than any product

Pharmacists have been very supportive

Be under no illusion, Trichocare’s course is just the beginning of your Trichology learning.  

Professionalism is essential in your dealings with everyone Acquiring a base-line Knowledge is only the start. Attitude makes or breaks you.

In summary, there is no prescribed way to set up a practice or run your business. Fee structures, equipment, products are all personal choices. You need to recognise the importance of making a choices that reflect how you want to run your business.

Thank you

We thanks to all the speakers, current students, ART members and the trichology community for their positive response to this annual event which has been developed based on feedback from previous events and pre-event surveys.

If you’d like to know where Trichology can take you, call us on 01525 288881 to find out more.

Code of practice

“The focus for current students is to earn an accredited qualification” and to become “professionals who work with ethics in their chosen profession” are the quotes championed by event sponsors, the ART, and echoed by speakers throughout the day.

Please contact us if you have any comments or would like to add a valuable piece of information that should be shared and is not included above – thank you.