Success Stories

Spotlight on skin irritations and allergies

TrichoCare Education’s Starter Events that shine a spotlight on trichology are going from strength to strength. Not only do they focus on information and insight on conditions of the hair and scalp, and how to advise clients on their hair issues, but they’re also great forums for sharing stories and ideas, and busting some myths, especially about products.

Last month saw successful events in Reading and Coventry. Attending the meetings were salon owners, stylists, junior staff and also tutors from local FE colleges.

Each event features a presentation by TrichoCare’s founder Brian Plunkett, covering what trichology is and why it’s important for hair professionals to have a general knowledge of hair and scalp conditions, and especially understanding the difference between irritation and allergy.

A really important part of Brian’s message is that hair professionals need to be alert to the problems that products can cause both to their clients and to themselves. For example, it’s well known that there’s been a huge increase in sensitivity recently to chemicals like MI, which is a preservative widely used in many hair and beauty products.

One of the issues that regularly comes up during the lively discussions at the TrichoCare events is hair professionals having an allergy, or developing an allergy, to chemicals in the products they use every day.


At the Coventry meeting there were 8 people with ‘bad hands’ and one with a severe allergy to PPD – the result of exposure to a black henna tattoo at the age of 9. And at the Reading event, we met two people with ‘bad hands’ and one with a severe allergy to hair dye.

Having an allergy to the products or materials you’re using in your occupation can be not just uncomfortable or frustrating but distressing as well for the person involved, and can even lead to them leaving the profession because of the health problems they’ve developed.

Being aware of the occupational dangers to the profession – not just exposure to chemicals but repeated exposure to water and heat – will help hair professionals protect themselves and also mean they can offer sound advice to their clients.

Brian Plunkett’s message is: ‘Protect your clients, of course, but don’t forget to protect yourself as well!’


The next TrichoCare event will be in St Albans, Hertfordshire on the 8th June, and in Bournemouth on the 22nd June. For more information, please visit our Events page.

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