Success Stories

Celebrating their Certificate in Trichology

Rainbow Room International team celebrate success following completion of Trichocare’s Certificate in Trichology with a dermatology module at the School of Trichology in Milton Keynes.

Down from Scotland, three TrichoCare Education students celebrate passing their final clinical tests on our Level 4 Certificate Course. Will Fleeson and Margaret Simpson from Rainbow Room International, and Susan Rankin from the Hair Lab in Kirriemuir are now ready to start offering trichology services to clients across Scotland as part of their new Trichology Scotland initiative. Here they are with Brian Plunkett, TrichoCare’s founder, following a guest lecture with Consultant Dermatologist, Dr John English at TrichoCare’s Trichology School in Milton Kenyes.

“We started studying trichology because we wanted to learn more about the causes of the hair and scalp conditions we see on the salon floor,” says Wil. “But then we realised there was a real business opportunity here,” adds Margaret, “we’re sure there are many ‘hidden clients’ out there who are just too worried about their appearance to seek help, even from their GP.”

Susan agrees, ”now we can offer clients a safe place to come for a private consultation, and give them professional advice they can trust.”

All three acknowledge they’ve learnt far more than they ever expected by studying the Course, and now they’re ready to turn their hard work, and training, into a viable business venture.

Rainbow Room International Trichology

L-R Brian Plunkett, Susan Rankin, Paul Dawson, Margaret Simpson, Elizabeth Stephenson, Wil Fleeson