Certificate in Trichology Prospectus

How do I study the Course?

The Course is studied online:

  • This means you can study at your own pace, any time, and wherever you are in the world
  • You choose when you would like to start (you can choose your own start date on the application form)
  • You work at your own pace (within guidelines) to complete no later than 1 calendar year
  • Being online there are no face-to-face classes or travel involved

Trichocare Education uses the world-leading and award winning Litmos online learning platform:

  • Litmos is extremely easy to use – highly interactive, packed full of graphics, illustrations and quizzes – all to help reinforce your learning

You will be allocated a tutor and a mentor, plus other team members for support – whether it’s related to the Course or anything else.

You will have access Zoom, email and/or phone tutorials to support you throughout the course – whatever suits you.

You will conduct 8 client consultations and record supporting evidence:

  • Your final consultation will be observed by a TrichoCare assessor
  • You will answer oral questions on a number of scalp and hair conditions
  • The assessment is conducted via Zoom

We also encourage students to join the ART (Association of Registered Trichologists) as a student. This provides opportunities to network with other learners, qualified Trichologists, join seminars and events, and attend practical workshops (note -some of these are paid-for).

Who can study the Course and what qualifications and experience are needed?

The ITEC L4 Certificate in Trichology for Hairdressers Course is designed for professionals with a hairdressing, beauty therapy or healthcare/medical background who are interested in the science of the hair and scalp and want a professional qualification to practice as a Trichology Consultant:

  • This is an international qualification so you can live anywhere in the world
  • All you need to do is to check this qualification meets your local legislation

You need:

  • A minimum 3 years related industry experience e.g. hairdressing, beauty therapy, dermatology, wig making, hair transplant practitioner, pharmacist, nurse, GP, dental nurse or other haircare/healthcare related experience
  • The Course is taught in English, so Level 2 or equivalent in spoken and written English is required
  • An academic ability equivalent of Level 2 is also required. For those without Level 2 we recommend starting with the Introduction to Trichology Course.

ITEC (the certifying body) offers additional time for exams for learners where English is a second language and for learners with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Please mention this on your application form.

You must be 19 years of age or over.

What is covered in the Course?

You will learn about:

  • The structure of the hair, skin and scalp
  • The wide range of scalp and hair conditions which your clients may present with
  • How to analyse the hair and scalp and recognise the signs and symptoms

You will gain a greater understanding of:

  • How the body works
  • Related anatomy and physiology
  • The relationship of the systems of the body to trichology and pathology

You will learn in-depth:

  • Science, including the structure of cells, the periodic table – so you understand how the body’s building blocks fit and work together
  • The chemistry of hair and beauty products – their ingredients, usage, benefits, safety precautions and how these affect the hair – so you can advise clients on what they can use, what to avoid, and why
  • Nutrition, dietary factors and certain deficiencies that relate to hair and scalp conditions – so you can understand how your client’s diet is linked to their presenting conditions

You will combine all the knowledge stated above to conduct thorough consultations with clients in a professional Trichology setting:

  • To provide a hypothesis of their presenting condition based on your consultation findings
  • Offer detailed advice on product use, styling care, and nutrition
  • Explain your reason and provide a possible prognosis
  • You will be able to write reflective accounts on each of your clients and know when to refer clients to other professionals such as GPs

Note – the Course is non-clinical and does not train you in clinical procedures. It provides you with the essential knowledge to practice as a Trichology Consultant.

What does the Course look like and how am I assessed?

The online learning is split into 8 Modules with interactive learning, some self-assessment, and various points of criteria-based assessment.

Assessments start in Module 4 and continue through each Module to Module 8 and are integrated throughout. These consist of:

  • 4 written assignments
  • 2 externally marked ITEC multiple-choice exams
  • 8 client consultations

The assessments are in the following formats:

  • Internal assignments and consultations are uploaded onto the learner platform
  • External exams are conducted and invigilated via Zoom
  • Your final client consultation is observed live with the assessor via Zoom

Your assignments and consultations are marked by an assessor. Our marking policy is 10 working days from submission, but you can continue studying while waiting for feedback.

The 2 ITEC multiple choice exams are graded pass, merit, distinction whilst all other assignments and consultations are either pass or refer – any referred assignment must be resubmitted.

External exams can be retaken (please note, the cost of the Course includes one resit of each of the two written exams).

On completion of the Course and all assessments, your submitted evidence has a final quality check before ITEC award you your Certificate:

  • Your Certificate will state the title as follows: ITEC L4 Certificate in Trichology for Hairdressers and will state your overall grade – Pass, Merit or Distinction
  • Certificates normally take about 2-3 weeks and will be posted to you

What qualification will I have when I’ve finished the Course?

When you complete the Course successfully, you will have an ITEC/VTCT accredited Certificate in Trichology 603/4533/0 Level 4:

  • The Level 4 Course is an Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) regulated qualification
  • ITEC is an internationally recognised awarding body, which means your certificate is recognised around the world (subject to local area regulations)

What can I do when I’ve qualified?

  • Work as a Trichologist with your own clients and build a Trichology business
  • Become a full member of the ART (the Association of Registered Trichologists), and join a register of licensed Trichologists, and network with other Trichologists
  • Display the ITEC/VTCT logo in your advertising and marketing of your business
  • Add the following qualification to your name: ‘ITEC Cert L4 Certificate in Trichology’
  • Become eligible to take the TrichoCare Education-accredited CPD (continuous professional development) Course ‘Blood test results for Trichologists’
  • Gain access to research providers to study any related Courses of interest to you, for instance if you want offer more specialised treatments

Will I meet other learners?

You will be allocated to a learners WhatsApp group so you can share ideas with other learners and your mentor.

As a student member of the ART, you will be able to network and share ideas with other professionals who have similar interests, skills and enthusiasm; join seminars and events and practical workshops; and gain advice on how to build you Trichology practice.

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How long is the Course?

You work at your own pace (within guidelines), but you must complete within 1 year (otherwise fees apply).

How much study time do you recommend?

8-10 hrs minimum per week is recommended.

What if something unexpected occurs to stop me studying?

If you become unable to study due to illness, bereavement or other change in circumstances that prevent you from studying, you can request a break in learning for up to 3 months.

You will need to inform us as soon as possible and we will freeze the Course for you until ready to resume.

How much does the Course cost?

The total cost of the Level 4 Course is:

  • £2,500 if paid in full
  • 3 consecutive monthly payments of £860 (including administration fees)
  • 6 consecutive monthly payments of £450 (including administration fees)

Are there any other additional costs?

If you need to resit an external exam after 2 fails, each resit costs £150 plus VAT.

A resit to improve grade at the student request is £150 (subject to approval).

If you have not completed the Course within 1 calendar year, you will be charged a £170 per month license fee to access the online learning and complete the Course.

You will need to purchase any additional reference materials off our recommended reading list.

No funding is available for this Course.

What happens next?

If you have any questions about the Course, or any of Trichocare Education’s Courses, please contact us.

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Course Duration

1 calendar year or less


Litmos online training platform, tutor support network , online lectures and seminars, video practicals and exams

You’ll study most of the Course online, using the world-leading and award-winning Litmos online learning platform. The platform is easy-to-use, highly interactive, and packed with graphics, illustrations and quizzes to help reinforce your learning.

Accreditation and Endorsement

This course is fully accredited through VTCT / ITEC as a Level 4 Certificate, and endorsed by the Association of Registered Trichologists.

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ART logo


Course Benefits

This course was conceived and designed to equip the hair professional with the tools and knowledge to safeguard their clients, increase their professional effectiveness and elevate the status of the hair profession.

RQF Level 4

UK Accreditation: 603/4533/0

Product Code:iHB4C1 ITEC Qual ID:2187


Support and guidance

A blend of assessment methods are used in the delivery of the trichology qualification:

  • Assignments
  • Multiple Choice Exams
  • Observations
  • Oral questions


Course materials

You’ll study most of the Course online, using the SAP Litmos learning platform, the award winning global e-learning platform.

You’ll also be supported throughout the Course by a tutor network of industry specialists.

Practical observation

Best practice

Each learner will require sample clients with hair/scalp conditions to complete the 8 consultations, 1 has to be recorded and 1 observed live via Zoom with your assessor.


Specialists in their field

Course Team is made up of highly qualified and experienced trichology and educational specialists. Read more information about the Team.


Course pricing

You can pay in 3 ways:

  • £2,500 in full at the start of the course
  • £860 x 6 consecutive monthly payments (including administration fee)
  • £450 x 3 consecutive monthly payments (including administration fee)


Where to go from here

On completion you will:

  • Be a qualified Trichologist
  • Invited to become a full member of  the ART (The Association of Registered Trichologists) and be added to their list of registered Trichologists
  • Be able to display the Qualified ITEC logo on your advertising