Certificate in Trichology

The aim of the ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Trichology for Hairdressers is to enable students to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide effective Trichology services.

The Certificate is mainly distance learning with some attendance at the School of Trichology required for lectures and assessments. The qualification includes workbooks, lectures, guided learning sessions, clinical observation and written assessment and examination. The course can be studied over a 40 week period.

Study for the Certificate includes detailed examination of the science of hair and scalp conditions, an in-depth study of the chemicals used in hair treatments and why they can cause concern, occupational hazards, and how best to advise clients on a healthy lifestyle for beautiful and healthy hair.

Students are supported throughout the course by a dedicated course tutor.

On successful completion of the Course, you will be Registered as a Trichologist with TrichoCare Education. You can then establish your own trichology practice.

QCF Level 4
UK Accreditation: QAN 601/5297/7

Note: Students registering for the Certificate course after 1st September 2020 will be required to complete the IP2A1 – VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Hairdressing and Barbering Services as a prerequisite qualification prior to undertaking practical Trichology assessments.

This course and exam are included in the fee for the Certificate course.

Course Duration

40 weeks

Course Location

Distance learning, seminars, practical sessions

Lectures, seminars and clinical assessment sessions are held at convenient centres around the UK. The remainder of the Course is studied through distance learning, workbooks and written assignments.

Course Content

The course is divided into 6 Units. These are:

  • Concepts of Science in Trichology
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Trichologists
  • The Role of Nutrition in Trichology
  • Provide a Trichology Service
  • Controlling Risk in Trichology Practice
  • Chemistry of hair and beauty products
    • Students will also take the following qualification prior to undertaking practical Trichology assessments:

      • IP2A1 – VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Hairdressing and Barbering Services

Accreditation and Endorsement

This course is fully accredited through ITEC as a Level 4 Certificate, and fully endorsed by the National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF) the Association of Registered Trichologists.

Course Benefits

This course was conceived and designed to equip the hair professional with the tools and knowledge to safeguard their clients, increase their professional effectiveness and elevate the status of the hair profession.

QCF Level 4
UK Accreditation: QAN 601/5297/7


Support and guidance

At each stage, students produce written assignments. These can be submitted online and viewed by the assessment team. Full support, guidance and feedback will be provided on all work produced. As the course progresses, the student will compile an e-portfolio. On completion of the assignments, each student will be required to sit a theory examination.


Course materials

All course notes and guidance information are supplied on registration. Students will also receive support and further guidance throughout the course.

Clinical Assessment

Best practice

Each student will also be required to complete the requisite number of clinical hours and take a viva voce examination.


Specialists in their field

The course team is made up of highly qualified and experienced trichology and educational specialists. Read more information about the Team.


Course pricing

The Certificate in Trichology is £3,625 + VAT. If you undertook the Introduction to Trichology course with us beforehand, its cost will be deducted from the full cost of the Level 4 course.


Where to go from here

Successful students will be invited to become registered Trichologists, and will be qualified to set up their own trichology consultancy services.