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Start a career in trichology career in the US.

United States: Shara Powell

Shara Powell has just started TrichoCare Education’s Level 4 Certificate in Trichology. She works in Lawrenceville, Georgia in south eastern United States. You’ll find Lawrenceville by driving 30 minutes or so north east out of the city of Atlanta. Once you’re there and you find you need some beauty therapy, or a trichology consultation, the place to go is the Hair N Motion, Next Level Trichology salon on North Clayton Street, near the city centre. That’s where you’ll find Shara and her co-workers, offering a wide range of services and treatments, from colour and specialist hair styles to hair loss and scalp consultations.

Shara is a master cosmetologist – which, if you’re not familiar with American terminology, means she’s fully qualified to provide hair, nail and facial massage services. Shara works alongside trichologist Gloria Fort, a graduate of the National Trichology Training Institute. Gloria and the team serve a wide range of clients, young and old, female and maIe, with a variety of hair and skin types, all seeking advice on their hair and scalp conditions.

It was Gloria, a member of the Association of Registered Trichologists (ART), who suggested that Shara consider developing her trichology skills with TrichoCare Education. “I’ve been working alongside Gloria for some years. Watching her advise clients on their hair and scalp issues really inspired me to want to learn more about what causes the problems that so many people face,” says Shara.

Shara made contact with TrichoCare and decided to start her studies by taking their online Introduction to Trichology Course. “It wasn’t easy, but I did find it very interesting and I learnt a great deal. And because I’d been shadowing Gloria, I was familiar with some of the science, and hair and scalp conditions that trichologists encounter.”

After successfully passing the Introduction Course, Shara has moved quickly onto the Level 4 Course. She’s met with TrichoCare’s Head of Quality Assurance, Jackie Passey, and has just taken the COVID Infection Prevention Course, required for Level 4 Certificate students by iTEC, TrichoCare’s accreditation body. She passed with 91%!

So now she’s setting out on her Level 4 journey, how is Shara looking forward to the challenge of studying trichology in more depth? “My days are generally very full anyway, working and also caring for my mother. So I know I’ll have to manage my time carefully each week and commit time to my studies. But I know it will be worth it in the end – this is really important to me.”

Once she’s successfully qualified, Shara plans to apply her newly acquired knowledge and understanding to help clients more fully, and eventually to branch out and build her own trichology consultancy. ”Losing your hair is such an emotional challenge. I’ve seen it in my friends. We need to get the message across that people need to take good care of themselves. For instance, stepping back from the constant repetition of certain hair styling techniques. I’m so looking forward to helping all those who are concerned about hair loss, and offering them guidance on how best to manage the health of their hair and scalp.”