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Pathology of Blood: A Trichology Masterclass

In this 8 hours CPD course will learn how to interpret a blood test reading. A low Serum Ferritin level can lead to Chronic Telogen Effluvium in women, even when it’s considered to be in a normal range.

University of Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire

The UK’s largest provider of accredited training and qualifications in trichology, TrichoCare Education, will be holding a ‘Masterclass in Trichology: pathology of your bloods’ on Wednesday 18th July 2018 at the incredible facilities of the University of Bedfordshire.

A Trichologist must investigate the background to hair and scalp problems with their clients, explaining the nature and type of the problems and the contributing causes through evidential pathology testing.

Why this course?

“For me, this course was one of the best courses – I absolutely loved it and found it very exciting! The knowledge and information are invaluable,” says Margaret Simpson, Partner at Trichology Scotland.

For Trichologists to make the right recommendations, to give options and alternatives, as well as carrying out a duty of care, a key part of their knowledge is the pathology of bloods.

“It gives another dimension to your consultation which I find clients are so grateful for. I would do this course again,” adds Margaret.

Who should attend?

A Masterclass in blood analysis is a must for anyone who is serious about Trichology.

“If you are going to get blood works done by GPs for your patients – you need to be able to understand them,” says Elizabeth Stevenson, Consultant Trichologist.

Trichology is at the height of public awareness, and TrichoCare Education has a record number of students currently studying to become Registered Trichologists.

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