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I’m interested in trichology. What’s the next step?

Ever been interested in trichology and wondered how to get involved? Maybe you’re just not sure what to do next. If this rings a bell, our Monday night Spotlight on Trichology events are exactly what you need to help you decide where to go next. Here’s what happened at RRi Academy in Glasgow last Monday.

Hairdressers with an interest in trichology were given a rare treat on Monday as Trichology Scotland’s Margaret Simpson and Wil Fleeson shared how they made their journey from incredible hairdressers to consultant trichologists.

“My journey started with me attending a TrichoCare Spotlight event back in 2015,” explains Margaret,

“I was inspired and knew it was something I wanted to be part of, but I never imagined it would take me so far.”

The “Spotlight on Trichology” events are a fun, informal and interactive first step to exploring trichology.

Trichoscope demo

Using a trichoscope

What is a trichologist?

“Trichologists are hair and scalp specialists”, says Wil Fleeson, “We diagnose the causes of hair loss, hair breakage, hair thinning or miniaturisation and other diseases of the scalp. It’s our job to then work with a network of healthcare professionals to deliver ethical and efficacious treatments according to the cause. Often it’s about diagnosing and explaining the condition.”

Is trichology a career choice for me?

“We’ve found it a natural professional development opportunity for hairdressers”, says Nick Plunkett, Managing Director of TrichoCare Education. “Spotlight evenings are all about building an awareness of trichology. How do hair professionals build on their skills as natural communicators with unrivaled hair care knowledge?”

The Association of Registered Trichologists can help

I’m interested in attending a Spotlight event, when and where’s the next one?

“Spotlight events are on demand. If there are ten people who want us to host an event leave it to us to set up”, says Susan Ringsell, TrichoCare’s operations manager. “Just get in contact with me and we’ll start building an event around any aspiring group of hair professionals”.

How do I set up a Spotlight event near me?

We’ll do all the work. Start by contacting us. @trichocare, or 01525 288 881. We then set up an event page like this one and start selling tickets.

How much is a Spotlight ticket?

Tickets for Spotlight events are £25 each. If an event sells ten tickets, the event goes ahead. Where an event does not achieve this minimum, the cost of tickets are refunded in full.