Success Stories

One year on with Anneliese Hesse…

We first talked to Anneliese Hesse a year ago, just after she started her TrichoCare Education Level 4 Certificate studies. Anneliese trained and worked with TONI&GUY. She then took some time out to travel round the world, worked in Spain, and became an educator for L’Oréal. Now, with her business partner Harriet Stokes, she runs her own colour education company ‘Humankind Hair’ which is an Education Expert finalist at this year’s Most Wanted Awards. Anneliese also freelances.

We’ve just caught up again with Anneliese, soon after she successfully completed the Course – and had a baby!

How long did the Course take you?

The whole course took me around 10 months, including a 3 week break in the middle of Anatomy and Physiology when I became pregnant and ‘morning’ sickness put everything on hold! After that we were back in at full speed again 🙂

What did you find hard, and what did you find easier?

The hardest part for me was Anatomy and Physiology, partly due to my personal situation (being pregnant!), but mostly because it was so much new information to take in. However, what made this easier was the fantastic support I received from my tutor Keith [TrichoCare Education’s Course Director], who really went above and beyond to help me through it. 

What was it like studying and scheduling your time?

I run my own business and freelance for two other companies so am always super busy! Studying alongside all this definitely made my week a very full one, but was doable with some strict diary planning and making sure I really stuck to the days and hours I booked myself out for.

What was the support like from your tutors and mentors?

Absolutely fantastic. Keith couldn’t have been more supportive and was available on the phone or over email whenever I needed him. When I was unwell he was extremely supportive in helping me find a balance between time for me and time for study. 

What about the practical consultations – how did you prepare for these?

As a hair colourist I regularly carry out in depth consultations with my clients, so I approached these in a similar way – with structure, empathy and professionalism. I started looking for ‘models’ well in advance, and was selective about finding a variety of different conditions to test myself on. I was nervous when I first started doing the consultations but got more confident with each one and learned so much along the way. 

What was the live, online assessment like?

I loved it! I had studied, revised and rehearsed so much that I felt really excited as well as nervous, and when the time came I really enjoyed it. Brian [Brian Plunkett, founder of TrichoCare Education] and Keith made me feel totally at ease, even under exam conditions, and it felt fantastic to be able to confidently answer the questions they asked and to demonstrate my new knowledge. 

How will you be using your new qualification in the future?

I’m already using my new, extensive knowledge in advising my salon clients about best care for their hair and scalp. I’m delighted to be able to provide a service now as a certified Trichologist to new clients, but also to be able to share elements of what I’ve learned with other hairdressers. There are so many myths that need to be debunked around hair and scalp care, and product companies often don’t help, which leads to confusion amongst hairdressers and the advice they feel able to give to clients. I’m happy to be able to advise my colleagues now based on scientific facts, rather than anything else. 

What advice do you have for anyone thinking of studying the Course? 

I think it’s important to understand exactly what you’ll be studying before starting the Course. Some modules will be so far from what you’re used to covering in hairdressing, and that can feel a little overwhelming at times. Personally I LOVED these sections of the Course even though they were challenging, because I gained so much new knowledge from them.

Do your research and if it’s something you want to do then take it on at a time that’s right for you. It is a big commitment, and you will want to give it everything you’ve got, so set the time aside, get ready to get your head down and you’ll love it!