Success Stories

Neli Zovko

Neli Zovko is one of the fast growing band of international students currently studying TrichoCare Education’s Level 4 Certificate in Trichology. Neli’s interest in studying trichology is a very personal story. Like many of our students, it all began with concern for the health of her own hair and a passion for discovering how to improve her ‘crowning glory’.

Neli lives with her husband and daughters in the city of Kranj, 20 miles north of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. She first studied economics, and followed that by becoming a make-up artist for some years. Then came the opportunity to buy into a make-up and beauty products distribution business, and she’s now one of the three co-owners.

“When I was younger I had problems with my skin, so I decided to concentrate on my hair – I thought that if I could find a way to make that as perfect as possible, it would compensate for my poor complexion,”

Neli recalls. So began her long and consuming quest to find the most effective and most natural products for her hair.

“At the time, I didn’t know anything about the ingredients in hair products, so I had to start researching from scratch.”

Neli quickly realised that what she’s been doing to her hair up to then wasn’t doing it any good at all. So she started to experiment with different, more natural, products and ingredients, and even tried creating her own concoctions at home. But she still couldn’t find the answer to her search. Then came a breakthrough.

“It was on a business trip to Morocco just a few years ago that I first discovered the wonders of henna. I met someone who had beautiful hair and I just had to ask her what she used. It was henna!” she remembers.

So when she returned home Neli introduced henna into her mix of ingredients, and that was the start of something big.

“It really made a difference. It was a revelation. My hair started to look the way I wanted it to.”

At this point Neli used her business connections. She approached a local cosmetics laboratory and asked them to create a mix of ingredients, with henna included of course, and make a hair mask just for her. And they did. And it worked.

Neli had created a product that worked for her hair. So if you own a product distribution company and you’ve just created a new product that works for you, what do you do?

“I wanted other people to benefit too. So I talked to my business partners and we agreed to create a new brand. And we did.”

Today ‘The Royal Affair’ is a successful online brand of hair mask, shampoos and conditioner.

So where does her current interest in trichology fit into Neli’s story?

“While I was researching issues around healthy hair I discovered just how important a healthy scalp is too. And that led me to discover the world of trichology. Up to then I hadn’t even heard the word ‘trichology’ and I certainly didn’t know what a trichologist did! I wanted to know more.”

Neli researched trichology online and found TrichoCare Education. She made contact to find out what the courses were all about, and then paused to think whether she could fit in time to study around her busy working and family life.

“But I decided I’d jump in and give it ago. I did the Introduction to Trichology Course first and then moved straight onto the Level 4 Certificate. I do have to make sure I have the time and energy for regular studying. But I have no regrets at all.”

Neli’s plans to use her new trichology knowledge to help her business develop new, high quality and even more effective products.

“I’m really passionate about everything I do. And I’m especially passionate about helping more women to have the hair they deserve. I’m sure the knowledge I gain from studying with TrichoCare Education will enable me to do just that.”

We wish Neli all good luck in her studies and in her future product development plans.