Success Stories

Dr Deyana Jekova

There are TrichoCare Education students in many countries around the world, and they have a wide variety of professional backgrounds too. One of our latest student recruits is Deyana Jekova who is a doctor from Sofia in Bulgaria. We talked recently to Deyana about her interest in trichology and her ambitions for her future once she’s completed her studies.

Deyana trained at Sofia University’s medical school, and has worked as a resident in several hospitals in the city, specialising in endocrinology, the body’s complex hormonal system. But she’s developed an even stronger fascination for skin and hair related diseases and conditions.

“It’s an area I’ve always been interested in, because hair and skin conditions can have hormonal causes. But I really became passionate about it after I had severe Covid and I suffered from hair loss myself as a result,” she says.

Deyana has recently been writing medical articles and carrying out online consultations. At the same time she’s been researching the field of hair loss and its causes, and that’s what led her to the idea of studying trichology.

“We have dermatologists in Bulgaria, but there seems to be little focus on understanding the full impact, psychological as well as physical, of hair loss on the patient. Losing my own hair has made me passionate about exploring why it happens and how it can be treated.”

Deyana found her way to TrichoCare Education through her online research.

“I had no idea where to find a good course, but I landed on TrichoCare by chance and they seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. So I reached out to them. I was especially impressed by the fact that their Level 4 Certificate is accredited by iTEC. Having an internationally recognised qualification is really important to me as my ambition is to work abroad as well here in Bulgaria.”

Deyana signed up for TrichoCare’s Introduction to Trichology Course, and after quickly completing that, moved straight on to the Level 4 Certificate course. Did the cost of the course cause her to hesitate?

“No, because I believe that acquiring knowledge is really an investment in your own future. It’s all about being able to achieve your own ambitions. So knowledge is priceless,” she says.

Deyana is full of praise for the support she’s had so far on the course from the TrichoCare team: “Both Jackie [Jackie Passey, Head of Quality Assurance] and Keith [Keith Barker-Jones, Course Director] have been really helpful, always ready to answer queries and reassure me about my progress. The course is very comprehensive, and studying online means I can study when I want and at my own pace.”

Because Deyana studied medicine, she’s finding the science elements of the course fairly straightforward:

“It’s like doing revision for me. But I’m really looking forward to studying products and product ingredients. For instance, I want to learn how to assess the claims that manufacturers make for their products, and even develop my own. I think this is a fascinating area and I’ve already started to experiment making my own shampoos and conditioners.”

Once she’s finished her qualification, Deyana plans to focus on practising trichology: “I’m committed to helping people deal with what is an enormous problem for both women and men. And it’s a problem that’s getting worse, especially after Covid. My ambition is to work in partnership with other specialists in a clinic and advise clients online as well.”

Does Deyana have advice for anyone thinking of studying trichology with TrichoCare Education?

“Remember, above all, you’re doing it for yourself. So be passionate, be curious, be committed. That way you’ll be best equipped to help all those people who desperately need your expertise.”

Finally, we’re happy to report that Deyana’s hair is slowly growing back!