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TrichoCare Conference 2019: the voice of ethical Trichology

TrichoCare Education is delighted to announce the annual TrichoCare Conference sponsored by the Association of Registered Trichologists (ART) to be held on Monday 10th June 2019 at the Institute of Physics’ prestigious new location at King’s Cross, Central London.

Why attend?
Past and present students have been involved in developing this year’s programme with more time being given for interaction with tutors, speakers and ART members.

“This event has such a great atmosphere where people left feeling motivated and positive. Fantastic!”Jacky van Driel, Registered Trichologist ART, Trichology Europe.

Topics from ‘Setting up a Practice’ to ‘formulating products’, as well as ‘building at network and working with healthcare professionals’ will be provided based on the most popular requests and feedback from previous events.

“Trichology remains at the height of public awareness with new treatments being launched for hair loss, hair thinning and other distressing problems concerning the hair and scalp. The choices for the public can be overwhelming – making the diagnosis, recommendations and referrals from a trusted and Registered Trichologist ever more important for a client’s peace of mind,” Brian Plunkett, Head of Education at TrichoCare.

Who should attend?
TrichoCare invites past, present and future learners to this year’s conference, representing the UK’s only internationally recognised formal qualification in Trichology. As the UK’s leading provider of events, TrichoCare is building value and skills in the profession through flexible and supported online and distance learning programmes.

Exciting new developments and innovative offerings continue to drive the growth and broaden the appeal of trichology across the globe. TrichoCare is in a unique position as the provider of this internationally recognised iTEC Level IV Certificate in Trichology.

The ART, as the independent body for Registered Trichologists, brings together its members – students, Registered Trichologists and Associates – as a community to celebrate the increasing relevance of this exciting discipline and related fields such as dermatology, cosmetology and immunology at this event.

“At the heart of every community are its members. Effecting change locally and globally is the power of members speaking with one voice – the voice of ethical trichology,” says Susan Ringsell, General Manager of the Association of Registered Trichologists.

How to book
Register for the conference today. This year, ART is sponsoring the event for its members and associates. For full members (Registered Trichologists) the tickets are FREE, for Associates and Student Members there is a 50% discount offered.(£90 inc. VAT).

If you haven’t yet, but are thinking about joining the ART, please complete the enrolment form by the 31st May in order to receive your discounts. Join the ART here.

For all non-members the Conference is £180 inc. VAT.

For questions relating to the ART please email

For questions relating to the TrichoCare Conference please email