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Beware selling hydrogen peroxide!

The Hairdressing and Beauty Suppliers Association (HBSA) has been reminding its members that the law on sales of certain chemicals has recently changed.

As of 1st September 2014, products containing high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, nitromethane, nitric acid, sodium or potassium perchlorate and sodium or potassium chlorate are now restricted from sale to the general public under the UK’s implementation of the Marketing and Use of Explosive Precursors.

Why? It’s all to do with restricting the sales of products that could potentially be used to cause harm.

For Hydrogen Peroxide, sales of bottles with concentrations up to and including 12% are legal. Any concentrations over 12% are now illegal.

The Home Office has produced guidelines for professionals on how to deal with a suspicious request.

More information can be found at

In addition, if the transaction is suspicious in some way or where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the product is intended for malicious use, the incident should be reported to the police on 0800 789321 or by email to Chemical.Reporting@Met.Police.UK.