TrichoCare Education courses are aimed at hair professionals who want to develop their interest in Trichology and build on their skills.

You may have been to one of our nhf Trichology Starter or Spotlight Events. Or you may have developed an interest in Trichology through talking to clients about their hair and scalp problems.

Now learn more about Trichology through our accessible, flexible and supported learning courses.

We know that busy professionals need to manage their time carefully, so our courses allow you to study at your pace and in your own time.

Underlying our courses is our firm belief that many common hair and scalp disorders can simply be treated through accurate diagnosis and without the need for complicated courses of treatment.

We have two courses of study, the Introduction to Trichology and the ITEC accredited Level 4 Certificate in Trichology.

Both courses are run exclusively by TrichoCare Education.

To find out how studying with TrichoCare Education can enhance and enrich your career, read our Case Studies.

Introduction to Trichology

32 hours

The Introduction Course is a distance learning course over 32 hours for those with appropriate experience in hairdressing. Learn about the structure of hair and skin, the ways that the chemicals in hair and beauty products can penetrate the skin, and the problems that can cause worrying problems for clients. The distance learning work is […]

The aim of the ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Trichology for Hairdressers is to enable students to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide effective hair and scalp services. The Certificate is a distance learning qualification that includes workbooks, lectures, guided learning sessions, clinical observation and written assessment and examination. The […]