Why Study with TrichoCare?

1: We explain our course clearly

Qualifications are a major investment, so TrichoCare put together a Virtual Open Day to record precisely how we deliver our incredible Level IV qualification. This is a perfect opportunity to meet everyone in the team. By knowing exactly how a qualification is delivered we can set student expectation and get the very best from those who enrol with us.

2: We focus on delivering the qualification you pay for

TrichoCare’s unique online study platform focusses on delivering to the regulated qualification. Our pathway provides you a route to practice as a trichologist in 10 months meaning our courses cost less than the rest and, as the only regulated qualification provider, we still deliver more. This approach smashed qualification delivery records without compromising quality, more dedicated students achieved their trichology qualification to practice in 2022 than any previous year. Read our student profiles here.

3: We deliver to a wide range of backgrounds worldwide

Because Trichocare delivers the only regulated, internationally recognised Qualification we attract a wide range of backgrounds, including those from healthcare with an interest in expanding their range of skills and becoming eligible to Register with a Professional Body like the Association of Registered Trichologists. This diverse group helps been raise the profile of Trichology as a career path with successful finishers from Hairdressing, Education, Pharmacy and General Practice.

4: We start your learning journey where you want

The range of courses we offer lets you step into the world of Trichology at a level that matches your experience, commitment and availability. Our specialist team can support you to dip your toe into our world and gradually build your knowledge in small steps or, dive right in and fully commit to our ITEC and UK government regulated Level 4 Certificate.

5: We use the latest technology to make learning more accessible and efficient.

TrichoCare’s unique online study programme delivers learning opportunities from the location that works with you. Our unique learning Platform means we’ve completely vanquished the need for you to travel. That’s great for our students. Our international recognised ITEC qualification is available world-wide and delivery of our best in class teaching materials arguably makes our course the most cost effective and efficient route to qualification in the world.

6: We inspire you with qualified student mentors

The success of our mentor programme has added that extra dimension of support. The Mentorship Programme is a structured part of the course and is provided by some of our best previous graduates who know what it takes to attain success whilst holding down all the other the commitments of a busy life and they can be part of your onward journey into Trichology through the Associate of Registered Trichologists.