Clinical Lectures 3 & 4

Suitable for

Students of ITEC Level IV Qualification and those wishing to work towards a qualification in Trichology who have already completed the Introduction to Trichology.

Lecture 3

In this theory only session this Lecture covers Keratin and how it provides strength and elasticity to the hair, hair type and their origins, peptide bonds and hairstyling techniques, stages of hair growth and the factors that affect it, common infections of the skin scalp – pathogenic, hormonal, autoimmune, physical damage, reactive chemicals and extremes of temperature.

Plus we look at Superficial and deep wound healing and causes of skin damage through mechanical and chemical means.

Lecture: 4

In this theory only session this Lecture covers structures and immunity in the lymphatic system, including inflammation and hypersensitivity and we look at penetration enhancers used in modern cosmetic formulations and how this may affect skin absorption

We then start to look at the endocrine system, its control and pathologies.


5 Jun 2017

1.00pm - 4.00pm


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