Preventing COVID-19 Infection in the Hairdressing and Barbering Sector

Our full COVID-19 Course covers all you need to know to work safely and provide great client care during COVID-19 restrictions. The Course provides a comprehensive range of advice and solutions for everyone in hairdressing, barbering or beauty teams. Taking our full Course also prepares you to take the exam for the VTCT(ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Hairdressing and Barbering Services.

The fee to take the full Course is £65 (this includes taking the VTCT(ITEC) assessment through TrichoCare Education), and you have 30 days from the date of enrolment to complete the course.


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Course Specification

The Course consists of 6 Modules, each one containing a number of individual lessons, plus a knowledge check quiz in the middle and end of each Module. There is also a set of optional multiple choice questions at the end of the Course so learners can further test their understanding of all the topics covered.

  • Module 1 covers the causes, transmission and effects of COVID-19
  • Module 2 covers social responsibility in relation to COVID-19
  • Module 3 covers the controls necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Module 4 covers the importance of PPE and hygiene in the prevention of COVID-19
  • Module 5 covers potential hazards and risks in salons and barbershops
  • Module 6 covers decontamination and waste management procedures

The taught content is provided in the form of text, illustrations, animations and video.

Who is the Course for?

This is an introductory Course aimed at all levels of hairdressing, barbering and beauty professionals. There is no pre-Course qualification or attainment level required. Anyone and everyone who wants to know more about working safely during COVID-19 will find invaluable information, tips and guidance throughout the Course.

The Course also fully prepares learners who wish to attain the Ofqual accredited VTCT(ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Hairdressing and Barbering Services. Your Course fee of £65 includes taking the VTCT(ITEC) assessment through TrichoCare Education, which is a recognised provider of comprehensive and accredited training for hair professionals.

You can find further information on this qualification on the VTCT and ITEC websites: ( and

On completing the Course

Once you have registered for the Course, you have 30 days to complete it.

Within the 30 day period, learners can take the Course in their own time, and stop and restart as they wish. It is expected that the Course will take around 5 hours to complete fully.

On successful completion of the Course, learners can download a Certificate of Completion which certifies the learner has gained 5 hours CPD.

TrichoCare Education is an approved centre for the delivery of VTCT (ITEC) qualifications, and on completing the Course, TrichoCare will contact learners to arrange to take the VTCT(ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Hairdressing and Barbering Services.
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