BBC reports again on the dangers of ‘black henna’

The BBC’s ‘Fake Britain’ reporter Matt Allwright has been investigating two aspects of the ongoing story of the illegal and dangerous use of ‘black henna’ products. The first involved the Loxham family who were on holiday in Spain. Walking along the beach at Malaga they spotted a tattoo bar and thought it would be a […]

Do hair care professionals need to be ventilation engineers, chemists and lawyers as well?

New products, new research and new legislation all mean new headaches for professionals trying to run their businesses and offer creative services to clients. Two recent stories reinforce the challenges for the professional. The first concerns the increasing popularity of hair straightening and smoothing processes, for example the much-publicised Brazilian Blowout products. First an American […]

Beware selling hydrogen peroxide!

The Hairdressing and Beauty Suppliers Association (HBSA) has been reminding its members that the law on sales of certain chemicals has recently changed. As of 1st September 2014, products containing high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, nitromethane, nitric acid, sodium or potassium perchlorate and sodium or potassium chlorate are now restricted from sale to the general […]

Don’t get caught out by the new NMW

If you’re paying your staff less than the minimum wage, watch out. Keep up to date with changes in the NMW – and how SOME politicians want to make it even higher for everyone! The National Minimum Wage (NMW) went up on 1st October 2014 (see table below). Salons need to be sure they’re paying […]

Six lessons for running a successful salon

Here are our secrets for succeeding in business FOLLOW your dream – if it’s what you really want, you WILL succeed KEEP focused on what you enjoy – making people feeling and looking good You WILL go through tough times – you have to stay determined to succeed You WILL have troubles with staff – […]