Business & Regulation

Procter and Gamble on the brink of selling Wella?

Hair and beauty is big business. The quarter of a million hair professionals in the UK who work in  our industry help to contribute around £5 billion to the economy. And there are many other big numbers when we look internationally, especially among the big product manufacturers. Businesses like L’Oréal, Henkel and Kao each sell […]

Don’t underpay: the Revenue will get you!

HM Revenue and Customs has just launched a new campaign that targets salon owners who pay less than the national minimum wage (NMW). The National Hairdressers’ Federation has been warning for some time that the Revenue is on the case of the hair and beauty profession, and we’ve reported on this issue more than once […]

Employment contracts – put it on paper

At TrichoCare Education we talk to lots of salon owners and managers regularly, and one worry that often comes up in our chats is employment disputes. There can scarcely be a salon or business that hasn’t at some time had a problem with an employee or freelancer over absence, pay, hours or some other kind […]